Trowbridge Guild Of Community Service
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The Guild was formed in 1972 by the joint action of the Social Services Department of Wiltshire County Council and the voluntary sector in Trowbridge concerned with helping the Community. We were registered as a Charity in 1976. Trowbridge Guild of Community Service adopted a care and safeguarding policy at it’s very inception over 40 years ago and has continued to operate within its caring and sympathetic culture.  Over the years there have been many changes to the way in which the Guild operates its service, with the addition over 30 years ago of a mini-bus service. However, its core objective has remained the same throughout:

‘To provide a caring supportive service to both men and women who are elderly, especially those with physical and learning difficulties, in the County Town of Trowbridge and the local area, to try wherever possible to help them stay in their homes for as long as they are able to, and for over 35 years we have transported them with the Guilds mini-buses to thousands of events including luncheon clubs, bingo sessions, day centres, disability clubs, shopping trips and outings. To hopefully enhance their personal life, in what to many is their latter year’s’.

The Guild's main operation is the running of two minibuses. They are equipped to take wheelchairs, providing an essential service for the elderly and disabled at very reasonable cost to the users. Each week about 20 voluntary clubs  and centres make use of this service and there are approximately another 20 organisations which use the minibuses from time to time. In addition, three shopping trips are made available each week for individuals.

The Wright Fund is a capital sum invested in Charity Unit Trusts. The income is distributed each half'-year to about 10 Groups who themselves provide services for elderly residents in Trowbridge and Hilperton and some is paid to the Minibus Account. Requests from individuals for on-off assistance are also responded to from time to time.

In the past we also provided a service where we would have the contacts for all the organisations in the Wiltshire Area, but when the county council started a database online. We decided to leave it to them.

We now signpost people to the services provided by Wiltshire council.